Prochoice’s “Telemobilo” electronic platform for execution of financial transactions is at the investors’ disposal 24 hours a day free of charge and is connected with all the available online site maps provided that the user has internet access. The platform provides, in real time, constant updates concerning the value of the portfolio as well as portfolio analysis in relation to the existing available funds and the investor’s positions. The user can, through the platform, quickly and safely transfer orders to the Cyprus Stock exchange (CSE) and the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE). He also has access to analytical information concerning his previous orders as well as all the movements of his account. In order to activate the electronic account which will provide him with access to the platform, the investor will have to fill out the “COMPLEMENTARY DOCUMENT” and submit it to the company’s head offices along with the application form for account opening. Provided that such information exists, the user name and password will subsequently be sent to the applicant by email.

Our company’s clients will shortly have the option of accessing the platform for execution of financial transactions through Smartphones and tablets.

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